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AnjelStore was created to support the complex, specialised needs of Raff after his mum had a sudden stop in her chosen career. Needing to support her 3 children, Javier, Raffael and Anjel, the store proudly assists many families in a similar situation around Australia.

The products available here represent the best health products found while searching for the key to Raffs optimal wellbeing.

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Archiues Support Colourful Thongs

Colourful Archies Flip Flops for Summer

Full range of Archies Support Thongs in every colour in store at Heal & Soul Health Shop 2, 84 Shannon Ave, Geelong West, Vic 3218.

If you are close, drop in and try them before you buy.

If you live far away, dont worry its even easier to order online and we can send your size, or a range of sizes for you to try in your home. Just return the unsuitable sizes using the return satchel provided with your order.

Starting at Size 4 in whole sizes to Size 14 for Adults and for the Kids: Size 9 to US 3 in 4 colours. Pastel Pink, Black, Mint Green and Coral (light red). Featuring the new Crystal embedded Archies in 2 colours: Black and Taupe (desert Tan) in popular sizes and now available are the new coloured plain Archies in Lemon, Charcoal and Peach.

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Nourish and Liquid Hope Enteral Nutrition.

Liquid Hope and Nourish are about much more than providing necessary calories. They both contain the essential macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a rich array of plant-based nutrients (called phytonutrients). Phytonutrients have been shown to reduce inflammation and improve insulin signaling via epigenetic pathways that change how genes express themselves. In addition, plant-based fiber is proving to be a critical dietary source for good gut health which assists overall human health.

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