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AnjelStore supports and is supported by the 3 entities described below.

Recently the addition of the newly formed Not-For-Profit AFCR, this network has formed to make a real positive difference for the ones that need our advocacy and our ability to stand in the face of adversity and no longer allow this discrimination a platform. We will not stop until there is true equality for all humans, not just the ones that can take it for granted. True evolution is respect and compassion for everyone. No more rewarding fear, aggression, greed and violence, recognize the stunted de-evolution valued by the patriarchy. 


Fair Go Access Support Services


Offering a diverse range of high intensity, complex supports in a respectful, caring and informal manner to assist you and your family in living as close to a non - special needs family as possible. We understand you fit into a textbox manual and we find a way for you to have the level of independence and control that optimises quality of life and values the person and social engagement and connection. 

Follow the link below for more information about who we are and what we provide. If you think we are right for you contact us through email, phone, in person and or online.
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    The Australian Foundation for CDKL5 Research Limited

    Simone, Danny and Lisa are the current Directors of The Australian Foundation for CDKL5 Research Limited. 

    We are dedicated to the development and production of a commercial grade organic nutritional product to supply the people of Australia and, when possible, other countries as a form of fundraising for a cure. To work with other countries , in particular, Philippines and Sri Lanka, to help special needs children by supplying this nutritional product to them.

    These and other projects will contribute funds towards a cure for CDKL5 and other rare genetic disorders still without any treatment for the devastating impact of global neurological impairment.

    Read about some of the stories shared by the families caring and loving these rare, medically complex, often denied the same treatment standards we all expect for ourselves and our families.

    You can donate any amount you decide as it all adds up and $1 from everyone would cure the world of genetic disease.

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      Heal & Soul Health

      Heal and Soul Health provides specialized Allied Health Service's for neurologically complex children and adults in areas of Podiatry, Physical impairments, aides and equipment, consumables, and more.

      A fully inclusive service within the clinic or in your home depending on your needs. Podiatry, Nutrition, Bowen, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Supportive Footwear and bracing services.
      We are flexible and value the individual needs of our rarer clients.


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