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Enfit Bottle Adaptor For Enfit Syringe use. Various Sizes

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When drawing-up with an ENFit syringe, an ENFit Bottle Adapter allows for more accuracy as per ISO 80369-3 recommendation.

They are designed to fit tightly in the neck of the bottle allowing the tamperproof cap to be screwed on securely (excluding BA01L). ENFit Bottle Adapters will last the life of the bottle and they should be discarded together.


  • Sterile
  • Individually packaged
  • Purple
  • ENFit compliant
  • Available in various sizes to fit a range of bottles
  • Stepped bottle adapter fits multiple bottles
  • Minimises medicine waste
  • Improves dose accuracy
  • Tamper proof cap can still be utilised (excluding BA01L)
  • DEHP/Latex Free