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Functional Formularies

Nourish Organic Paediatric Enteral Nutrition. 341g Original / Peptide Varieties

Nourish Organic Paediatric Enteral Nutrition. 341g Original / Peptide Varieties

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PLEASE NOTE: For our valued customers we have decided to keep our pricing for Nourish products at less than cost and ride out the fluctuations in the shipping/AU dollar for our valued customers. 


So far this has been the best pre-packaged tube food for my son.

I personally choose this product for my sons nutrition.  When I need a break from blending, during hospital visits and admissions, or for convenience during rare outings, it is tolerated wonderfully and easy to use anywhere.

Nourish Peptide is the same product with some slight differences.

It is higher in calories and more digested for a 'easier on the stomach'  alternative, or for those who have difficulties with digestion, absorption, needing to gain weight easier, or reach other specific goals as directed by their health team.

NDIS participants are eligible. Contact us for more information or select NDIS on check out.

For ideas for increasing calories in blended food with minimal volume see this information sheet here

Functional Formularies Nourish is optimized for children, is a nutritionally dense, real food, whole food tube meal. This product is Plant based, gluten free, nut & tree nut free (produced in a facility where tree nuts are used), dairy free, soy free, corn free, USDA Certified Organic, 100% GMO free, BPA-free packaging. Shelf stable with a two year shelf life.

Designed to have a shelf-life of up to 2 years from date cased, stored at an ambient temperature of 15º to 21º degrees Celsius.


Thank you to one of our VIP customers, for alerting me of the skill of Functional Formularies. They are so clever they did a switcheroo on this product and many, like myself, were completely unaware.

Well maybe us backward and less sophisticated Aussie folk just aren't that cluey and too stoopid to worry about.

In any case, we now have quote

'their much improved product which has ditched the brown rice protein for a 'much cleaner' 'nutritionally dense',  PEA PROTEIN!!

Dah dah!!! 

Someone overheard them talking..  'we know everyone is gonna love this change but we are so shy and feel really uncomfortable with large scale compliments and cheering fans, so lets keep it a secret'

And, in the style of Superman (SAVING the world without anyone discovering who he really is ) the Clarke-like disguise was their attempt at anonymity where they can revel surrounded by the cries of joy and gratitude spreading across the globe.

Hmm well that's one version.

My comments below are for the original Nourish. I am yet to make a determination on the 'next generation' Nourish and Nourish Peptide products.

I hope the results are favorable and will see what feedback is provided.

Undoubtedly, this company understands that it owes its success to the real food tubie community who value choice, nutrition and the right to eat real food. Many of them, including me, believe, and have seen firsthand, the power of real unadulterated nutritional MEDICINE. We have the sequence right: Nutrition, Supplementation, Essential Pharmaceuticals last. 

Some of you may assume this ingredient change is NO good. Accuse FF of being a 'sell out', cheap and ....?, you may assume it was Costo's monthly Covid special? or a necessary substitute due to panic brown rice buying just like the great toilet paper famine?

Perhaps all the American PEOPLE were so advanced, they stock piled Brown Rice PROTEIN during Covid, to prepare for imminent lockdown?

We, in our underdeveloped backwards, upside down country, could never fathom. The intelligent society we worship and strive to achieve ourselves, they have realised BROWN RICE PROTEIN value, its high in fibre, keeps them regular, low GI and is the preferred rice colour of choice?

Well, whatever it is i know one thing.. we won't be receiving the full story. 

Regardless of the reason, we will be 'sheltered' from concepts we wouldn't possibly grasp. we will be told exactly how to feel about this.

Thankful, amazed, astounded and eternally grateful,

We.. the lowest of the lows.... are fortunate indirect beneficiaries due to the compassionate genuine people at FF.

Saved from a fate left to the ordinary and mundane.

Pea Protein - the new brown rice.. 

Choices were not taken from us
Our opinions were not missing.


We have been given a new choice.

Pea protein, or not?

And, like children, we might be ignorant and refuse but, in time,

we will see, our parents benefactors, were right ! :-)

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Are these masks Australian Made?

Of course not. At this price they come straight from the mainland of China. However who would be better at manufacturing masks than the chinese? These masks have saved many Australians hard earned dollars, they are good quality, and have challenged the belief that inflated mask prices are unavoidable.

Do you sell kids masks?

No I do not. Masks are not the answer to covid. Good hygiene and strong immune systems are essential. Kids have not been largely affected by recent events and the reason for this is unknown. Teach kids to wash their hands, cover their mouths when coughing, and stay home when unwell and they'll be better than most adults at these tasks. Masks dont replace basic hygiene and dont work if used incorrectly.

Is this price for a box of 50?

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