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Pedi-Care Plus Foot and Dry Skin Cream (28% or 30% Urea) Australian local made

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Pedi-care Plus is an Australian local made heel balm from the Ballina region of NSW. 
It contains more active ingredients than many other creams available for this purpose.
Highly recommended by Podiatrists, it is an intensive treatment for feet and legs that is suitable for most skin types including people with psoriasis and dermatitis.
Formulated to work quickly to soften hard skin and bring relief to cracking, dry and irritated heels, elbows and any part of the body in need.  
The 100g size contains 28% Urea while the 400g pump has 30% just slightly higher in concentration.
The higher Urea percentage helps to moisturise the skin, along with added glycerin, a powerful humectant designed to help the skin retain its natural moisture.