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Real Food Blends Blenderized Meal for Tubies 267g

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Each meal contains 1 serving fruits & vegetables * No gluten * No dairy *No nuts *No added sugar *No soy *No corn *No artificial ingredients

  • 100% real food meals for kids and adults with feeding tubes.
  • Ready to use for bolus (syringe) feeding.
  • Tested for 14 French and above G-tubes.
  • Purchase as Single pack Sachets 9.4 oz net weight per meal (yields 320 calories in an 8 ounce serving).
  • No refrigeration needed! Shelf-stable for 3 years from the date of manufacturing.
  • Covered by many insurance plans.
  • Ingredients: See nutritional information link here

Real Food Blends meals are thicker than traditional enteral formulas and are intended to be bolus fed with a syringe. Additional liquid can be added for use in a feeding pump or gravity bag. 

Real Food Blends started with two parents who wanted something better for their son with a feeding tube – which is not an uncommon scenario worldwide. I use these feeds sometimes for variety and simplicity when not using our home blended feeds. My son has many food intolerances, so we mainly use the turkey which I especially like to give him on Christmas day for his own special Christmas lunch. I dilute it in water to our current plan. I also squash it around a bit prior to opening the pack and pouring to disperse what will have settled during freight as well as storage.

We are NDIS Registered providers for a large range of services including consumables, assistive technology, equipment, medical and disability supplies.

We also have a support team with many trained nurses and carers experienced and very skilled for high intensity support needs in the Geelong area.

Our allied health branch is also experienced in high medical needs as well as behavioural, autism, sensory processing challenges and other specific special needs awareness and understanding. We can come to you or you can come into the Geelong clinic to access a wide range of supports and services.

Our values are based around the right for all humans to access good quality real food regardless of how they ingest it. We respectfully point out discrimination when it occurs with the hope that next time the situation will be managed  equally and inclusively.

If you want to know more check out our Heal and Soul Health website here and our NDIS support agency here

And the newly formed not-for-profit here which is to support, advocate and raise funds towards a cure for rare genetic disorders. We are affected by CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder but extend our support and advocacy to other rare genetic disorders.

In the pipeline are a few projects I go into detail on my blog being released soon.