Collection: Functional Formularies Organic Blended Nutrition Range

The world’s first shelf stable real, whole foods feeding tube formula made from certified organic, plant-based ingredients. We are proud to serve patients, care givers, and clinicians around the world with the best nourishment humanly possible to help them thrive.

Functional Formularies was created out of love, necessity, and hope for the founder’s father who suffered a traumatic brain injury. After an extensive search to find a real, whole foods feeding tube formula came up empty handed, the founder created one. Out of this passionate journey fueled by love and perseverance, came Liquid Hope, the world’s first shelf-stable organic, whole food feeding tube formula.

Since the introduction of Liquid Hope, pewithin America and across the world have benefited from the nourishment of Liquid Hope. The company has built on this success to offer a portfolio of products including our specially formulated pediatric formula, Nourish, the first organic, whole food, plant-based Peptide formulas to support maximum nourishment and enhanced digestion (Liquid Hope Peptide for adults and Nourish Peptide for pediatrics), and Ketogenic feeding tube formulas.

Functional Formularies strongly believe that real, whole foods are imperative for the body to achieve its greatest potential. They claim they are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients sourced from the cleanest growers. They assure us that their products will always be organic, always be real, whole foods and that we will never use ingredients that can be harmful to the human body. They say their passion and goal is to provide the best nourishment humanly possible to help people thrive.