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Liquid Hope Peptide Adult Organic Enteral Nutrition 341g

Liquid Hope Peptide Adult Organic Enteral Nutrition 341g

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Pre order for first in first served. NDIS registered Participants accepted and we have a sister company, Fair-go Access Support Services, which can bill NDIS directly as an NDIS Registered Provider. Contact us for more information.

For ideas for increasing calories in blended food with minimal volume see this information sheet here

The first Organic Wholefood Plant-based Peptide feeding tube formula and meal replacement optimized for adults. Made from Original Liquid Hope with the addition of Organic Hydrolysed Pea Peptide Protein and Organic MCT Oil. Contains 500 calories from 18 Certified Organic Wholefood Plant-based ingredients.

Liquid Hope Peptide is the same recipe as Liquid Hope Original. The difference is the peptide formulation.

Peptides are proteins which have been broken down to smaller particles which aides in easier and more rapid digestion and absorption. (unless there is an underlying issue affecting absorption).

Easier on the gastrointestinal system as it doesn't need to work as hard to break down the nutrition.

Ideal for sensitive stomachs or issues regarding delayed gastric emptying and sub optimal levels of digestive enzymes as well as other specific deficiencies.

It should be considered as a real food option before moving to a completely artificial supplement that may be necessary for some children and adults. A completely artificial and chemical produced product should only be recommended as a sole source of nutrition after all real food natural options have been excluded. 

Real food blends may be too 'healthy' for some people with behaviour, intellectual and other aversions, sensitivities and psychological difficulties and so the manufactured and less natural formulas are the next level of nutrition available.

I believe everyone has the right to real food and good nutrition and it does not matter how it is ingested. Forcing people with feeding tubes to accept a dead chemical mixture is discrimination to those people.

We should all have the right to choose our lifestyle.

Those tubies who value health and wellness are currently sentenced to a slow and steady pathway to disease, degeneration and death.

Real food tube feeding needs to be a choice available to all of us and it needs to be supported by the medical system in Australia.

This option might be suitable for certain metabolic disorders and impaired liver and kidney function by lessening the effort required by those organs in metabolism and excretion. Some supplements can also provide assistance in digestive and metabolic impaired people.

Ingesting some enzymes and particular isolated nutrient deficiencies not advisable without qualified advice. At least they will not work or function and at worst they could react or affect the body if not understood and if not right for the individual.

Any other non-medical reasons denying real food by treating therapists and specialists are a breach of your basic human rights. 

Always seek advice before considering taking supplements and vitamins.

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