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Vasyli Hoke high arch supportive insole orthotic

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The VASYLI + Hoke prefabricated foot orthotic is the result of the collaboration between Phillip Vasyli and Brian Hoke DPT, SCS.

The VASYLI + Hoke device is expressly designed for the control of the pes cavus foot type. Unlike an over pronator, a supinator will invariably have a more complex foot type, often with a combination of triplanar alignment issues such as:

  • Plantarflexed 1st ray or forefoot valgus
  • Forefoot equinus
  • Forefoot adductus

The intrinsic design features of the VASYLI + Hoke specifically address the common alignment issues associated with a supinated foot type.

Product Benefits & Features

  • Helps relieve pain, whether in the heel, knee, or back.
  • Ideal for walking and everyday use.
  • Ideal for athletic footwear.
  • Designed for custom-fit shoes.
  • Designed for men's and women's boots.
  • Heat moldable for a custom fit.