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Tubie Kids Like Me

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This fun, rhyming book is ideal for helping tube-fed children feel special and accepted. It's the charming story of a little girl with a G-tube who tells us how her feeding tube helps her stay strong and healthy, why she is proud of her body and the way she can still do anything other kids can do. This book is a perfect gift for a child with a feeding tube or for new parents of a tube-fed baby. It's ideal to share with friends, family or classmates to help others understand feeding tubes. Written by the mother of a former Tubie with special needs and reviewed by a doctor, this book explains what a feeding tube is, how it works, and why its perfectly ok if your body works differently. The colorful illustrations include kids with G tube / J tube / GJ tube, and kids with NG tube / ND tube / NJ tube, as well as a child who uses a wheelchair. This book is truly for everyone and a must-have for every Tubie Kid. "Tubie Kids Like Me" is part of Fournier's "Kids Like Me" series which is all about helping children feel accepted, providing kid-friendly educational materials and spreading awareness.