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Paediatric Selection Wrist Brace

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Low profile, easy to apply wrist brace for children. Features 3 adjustable straps for comfort.

Selection Paediatric Wrist is a standard wrist brace in a ”glove” version with two closing tabs attached to lacing on the ulnar side of the wrist. It has an adjustable thumb strap, and the shape is low cut in the palm area to allow for the bending zone.

This model is also well cut around the thumb muscles to allow full movement of the thumb. It comes with a simple aluminium stay. It is intended to help guide the hand and wrist into a functional position. To reduce pain in combination with inflammatory and rheumatic conditions. To reduce spasticity in hand and wrist in neurological conditions.

Recommended Range of Application:

  • Rheumatic conditions
  • Neurological disorders where wrist position needs mild correction or support
  • After casting for short periods of use
  • Inflammatory conditions.
Size Wrist Circumference Palm to Index Finger (measure from bottom of each)
XX Small 8.5 - 11 cm 5 - 6 cm
X Small 10 - 12.5 cm 6 - 7 cm
Small 11.5 - 14 cm 7 - 8 cm
Medium 12 - 15.5 cm 8 - 9 cm
Large 14 - 16.5 cm 8 - 9 cm