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OS1 TS5 Travel Socks Pair

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Another OS1st 1st product! OS1st has applied our medical grade manufacturing technologies and unsurpassed quality to an increasing consumer health and protection need, travel health and safety. OS1st TS5 Travel Socks have medically correct graduated compression for the prevention of venous issues related to long term sitting, such as air travel and other forms of extended immobility. OS1st products are especially known for quality, comfort and ease of use. You will not believe you are using an FDA medical device.


Size   Ankle Circumference      Calf Circumference                   Average Shoe Size
S       7-8.25in/18 -21cm         11-15in/28 -38cm                US:M4-6/W4-6.5 | UK: 1-5
M      8.25 - 10in/21 -25cm     12-16.5in/30 - 42 cm        US:M6.5-9.5/W7-10 | UK:5-8.5
L       10 -11.5in/25-29cm       12.5-16.5in/32 -46cm      US:M10-12.5/W10.5-Plus | UK:9-11
XL    11.5 - 13 in/29 - 33 cm    13-19 in/34-49 cm             US: M13 -Plus |UK:11-Plus

Helpful Tips
To care for your new sleeve, check our Care Guide below!

1. Hand wash with gentle detergent, NO bleach

2. Dry naturally away from direct heat