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Anjel Imports

OS1 HV Bunion bracing foot mild compression sleeve.

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The HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve was created using a light-flex toe splint along with an anatomically correct split-toe design to provide relief of bunions, realign toe angles and reduce forefoot swelling. Built-in silicone stabilizers hold the brace in place so the splint can straighten the Hallux and help separate toes for gradual correction, relief and recovery. Fits easily with sandals and inside any shoe, for ease of use. The most comfortable and easy to use Hallux Valgus splint ever made.

Comes with one (1) sleeve per package.

SIZE        US W. SIZE        US M. SIZE         UK SIZE             EU SIZE
S/M         4-8                       3-7                     2-7                    35-39
L/XL          9+                      8-13                   7-12                   39-47

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