Onykoleine Dermo Adjuvant Nail Solution 10ml

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Onykoleine Brand Nail Solution 10ml

ONYKOLEINE Purifying Solution for Fragile Nails and containing two patented ingredients combined with an essential oil complex to strengthen and maintain weak, stained nails.

Key ingredients

Tea Tree Essential Oil : 20%

ANP (Asepta Patent)

Silk Lipesters (Asepta Patent)

Designed to reduce brown stains on fingernail and toenails.


Every day, paint a thin coat of Onykoleine on each nail using the brush. Massage until completely absorbed and always apply on clean dry nail, without nail polish.

Use until the nail is entirely recovered (4 to 8 month for fingernails nails and 6 to 12 months for toenails).

Maintenance Schedule

 Once a week apply ONYKOLEINE® directly onto the nail.

Used on a regular basis, this solution helps the appearance of finger and toenails.