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Mucosal Atomiser Device- for administration of intra-nasal medication

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The MAD(R) device is used to easily and quickly administer intranasal midazolam in seizure emergencies.

These devices are used for delivery of atomised medication (midazolam) into the nose for fast absorption. It delivers the medication in a safe and effective manner with no needles, a consistent, reliable spray and will work in any position.

The MAD Nasal comes with a 3mL syringe for precise dosages. The adapter can be used with syringes you already have.

The MAD atomiser uses a pump design instead of a syringe. The disposable tips work with a one-way check valve to lower the risk of cross contamination between patients. The glass bottle can hold 200 pumps.

Features, Benefits and Specifications - LMA MAD Intranasal Mucosal Atomization

Product Features and Benefits

  • Rapid Absorption to the Blood Stream.
  • No Needle and No Risk of Needle Stick Injury.
  • Simple Delivery System is Appropriate for Both ALS and BLS.
  • Eliminates IV Set-Up Time.
  • No Sterile Technique Required.
  • Avoids First-Pass Metabolism.

Product Specifications

  • Product Number: MAD100
  • Typical Particle Size: 30-100 Microns
  • Brand: LMA MAD Nasal
  • UNSPSC Code: 42271802