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Miracle G-Tube Recipe. Tube Feeding Book

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This pureed feeding recipe was created with real food for a patient. He has cerebral palsy (CP) and eats nothing by mouth. Believe this powerful recipe will help G-tube patients, tube feeding for all ages—pediatric, adults, and seniors; those patients who struggle with getting proper daily nutrition or retching and gagging because their liquid base formula is so thin. This formula has been approved by leading gastroenterologists and dietitians made with real foods.This Truly is a magic pureed formula that has helped save my boys life. Every tube fed patient that still struggles with gaining weight and nutrition or gagging after feeds should try this pureed recipe. Because finding this tube feeding guide has changed my child's life and health forever! Thank you so much Dr. Daddy, for letting me be one of the first parents you shared this Miracle with. I recommend this recipe that comes with a great real life story to everyone.SAVE A LIFE!"Dean Heckman"