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Medicina Covidien Nurticair

En-Fit Milk Straw Enteral Connector

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Enfit - Medicina, Nutricair, Covidien brands available

Enteral Drawing up Straw - Enfit

Medicina make several straws that can attach to the ENFit Syringe.

When drawing up feed/medication into an ENFit Syringe, an ENFit Straw allows for more accuracy as per ISO 80369-3 recommendations. This mitigates any potential risk of overdosing. 

The Medicina ENFit Straws are available in various lengths and bore sizes to allow you to draw up a wide range of different fluids. 

Smaller bore Covidien Monoject available in 4 inch lengths

Medicine container access

Medicines can be drawn up using the medicine straw and the milk straw for larger volumes and thicker preparations. If glass ampoules are used, then a medicine filter straw is available.


-Various lengths/bore sizes

-Purple ENFit connector

-Minimises medicine waste

-Improves dose accuracy

-Filter straw is available for glass ampoules

-Larger straws prevent end users having to invert larger bottles

-Rectal straws for easy administration of rectal medications

-DEHP/Latex Free

Medicine and feed interactions

Some medicines can interact with enteral feeds, vitamins and electrolytes and some need to be given on an empty stomach. It is therefore important to flush before and after each feed to prevent any coagulation of the proteins in the feeds, which can block the feeding tubes.