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Leedor Calming Sensory Canopy for Kids and Adults (dysregulation control)

Leedor Calming Sensory Canopy for Kids and Adults (dysregulation control)

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10 April 2023


✪ Design Patent Pending - Four doors and two windows design for easy access.

No collapsing, bending, leaning over, unstable metal frames that can rip apart.

The pop up flexible rib frame for easy assembly.

At 3.4 kg this is easily the lightest sleeping tent on the market!

Used with your existing mattress, it needs no attachment to the bed frame.

Also able to use stand alone and suitable for most indoor surfaces. 

Please note Mattress is Not Included!


Single : 190.5 cm x 99 cm x 119.4 cm High (75”x 39”x47”H)

Double: 190.5 cm x 137.2 cm x 119.4 cm High (75"x54"x47"H)

Queen: 203.2 cm x 152.4 cm x 119.4 cm High ( 80”x 60”x47”H)

Further Details

  • This item serves as a play tent during the day and a privacy sleeping space for you or your child in the daytime by reducing light. During the night it provides a warm, safe space.
  • The Pop-Up tent is great for Uni dorm rooms, kids rooms and great for anyone needing to sleep during the day such as night shift workers.
  • ✪ Quick and Easy Set Up - pop-up frame and shock corded poles make it super easy to set up in a minute.
  • Folds down easily (figure 8 fold technique) and fits into a into compact portable carry bag.
  • Bag measurement: 66 cm x 66 cm x 6.5cm. Weight: 3.4kg.
  • Easy to wash and store when not in use. 
  • Laundry: Unzip end of pole sleeves to remove pole before machine washing. Air dry completely and replace poles for immediate use.
  • Alternatively fold once dry and store for later use. 
  • ✪ Innovative Design - The dream tent was created using high-quality breathable and soft Pongee fabric.
  • The Pitch Black colour is ideal for blocking sunlight and gives the user a sense of spaciousness inside despite its cosy snug purpose. 
  • Every side is able to open using the zipper to allow for all preferences and comfort needs. Also great for air flow control and hygiene when not in use. 
  • ✪ Complete Privacy - The material and size of the Leedor privacy tent allows enough space and light depth options to suit most preferences.
  • Split large rooms like dorms and barracks into private suites. Turn your bed into solitude and seclusion while also reducing light and noise. This sleep space is a great solution for those looking for a better quality nap time, bedtime, playtime or alone time.
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