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Kiddigait AFO: Ankle Foot Paediatric Orthoses Customised NDIS Regstered Providers

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Foot Option

In House device to be measured and customised during assessment and prescription for children requiring ankle and foot stabilisation and support.

Price includes all customisation and modifications needed in the initial presciption and fitting stage.

Carbon composite with anterior shell, lateral strut and an engineered footplate with open calcaneous. It is designed to allow integration of your custom foot orthotic UCB or SMO to help control ground-up forces.

It also features an anterior shell to assist in the management of proximal deficits and improve proprioceptive response. To provide ground reaction control and dynamic assist for toddlers.

Provides an early intervention for a more natural gait pattern. Useful in children with drop foot. Prescription Podiatry Specialised Product.

*Padding kit sold separately*

Size          Foot plate Length          Height

Small        16 cm                               22 cm

Medium   18 cm                               25.7 cm

Large        20 cm                              29.5 cm

X Large     21 cm                              31.5 cm