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AFCR Limited

Aust Foundation for CDKL5 Research. Quality 1litre Stainless steel flask. New high quality Stainless steel bottles-

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Designed by the Australian Foundation for CDKL5 Research to raise awareness and a cure for this cruel disease.

All profits generated go towards the charity and a cure for CDKL5

1 litre capacity Green non-toxic sainless Steel flask.

Perfect for coffee addicts when travelling and stays warm for hours.

Keeps drink cold and the stainless steel grading of18/8 signifies food-grade high quality steel.

Youll have more time to care for family with this easy to clean safe and shatter proof water bottle. 

There are only 100 available from the first official fundraiser of the Australian Foundation for CDKL5 Research. 

We are doing our part to achieve a genetic cure and release our children a life sentence. Instead we want them to have a life full of experiences and opportunities all that we take for granted.

Current and future babies, children and rare adults diagnosed with complex genetic disorders.

Whether it's CDKL5 or another rare condition, it doesn't matter. 

Overcoming injustice and creating change is not as hard as you think.

Experience how much can be achieved if you love someone whose life depends on the rapid advancement of knowledge. 

Holding ourselves back is no longer an option. Don't accept less than your best and we will achieve a cure for gene disorders for all.

Support CDKL5 Research by purchasing your own drink bottle. If everyone buys one bottle we will reach that cure in no time.