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Harkla weighted compression pediatric vest small

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The Harkla Weighted Compression Vest is neat looking comfortable garment that provides the option of snug deep pressure touch and weighted compression. Overview:

This weighted compression vest can assist in self regulation through deep pressure sensory input, a highly successful tool for children and adults with ADHD, Sensory Processing and Autism.

There are 6 weighted pouches, totaling 700g.  Add as many weights as required to the internal pockets.  Or, if no weight is needed, simply remove the weighted pouches.

The vest has wide velcro bands on either side, and on the shoulders.  This means the vest can easily be adjusted to fit, made more tight or loose depending on preference.  It also means there is a good amount of “growing” space in the vest, giving good value for money.

We love look and feel of the neoprene fabric.  It has breathable panels which further adds to the comfort.

It feels like a big warm hug and can assist with calming and self regulation.

Size Guide:

Small – recommended for 2 to 4yrs

Please note: Generally occupational therapists recommend using weighted items for no longer than twenty minutes at a time, if you are planning on using the weighted compression vest for longer than 20 minutes we strongly recommend you consult with your therapist. If wearing the vest without the weights just for compression, feel free to use for as long as required.