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Gel Smart Fitted Achilles Heel Gel Protection Sleeve

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GelSmart Fitted Achilles Heel Gel Protection Sleeve helps provide relief from pump bumps (haglunds deformity) or sore, fatigued or injured Achilles tendons. Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil (USP) which has been shown to soften and moisturise skin. 

  • Ideal heel protection in boots and braces
  • Can provide relief from Haglund's Deformity
  • Made with high wicking, nano-bamboo fibres
  • Offers gentle compression
  • Fits right or left foot
  • Hand washable and reusable - sprinkle with talcum powder if gel becomes tacky
  • Remove from skil for at least 3-4 hours daily to allow skin to breathe
  • 1 per pack