FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant (Blue)

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The FreeArm is available here in blue.

The FreeArm locking clamp can attach to surfaces up to 2.75 inches thick.

The FreeArm clip holds a 12 mL/cc syringe loosely and a 35 mL/cc, 60mL/cc and 140mL/cc syringe tightly. The stiff, bendable gooseneck is 22 inches long. 

GRAVITY BOLUS FEEDING: The FreeArm clip easily holds a gravity bolus syringe, freeing your hands to hold your child, add meds, read a bedtime story, read the newspaper, etc, for easier one handed feeding! The bendable gooseneck can bend to a feeding height that is best tolerated. The FreeArm also holds gravity bags up to 500mL or a Bolee Bag.

PUMP FEEDING: The FreeArm works great at the hospital, home and on-the-go as a pump and feed bag holder. The FreeArm bends up easily and very compact to fit in your bag. Lightweight feeding pumps, such as an Infinity pump, that have a pole clamp on the back and are under 1.5 lbs can attach to the gooseneck of the FreeArm. (You will need to order the FreeArm Muscle to hold larger pumps such as a Kangaroo Joey.) A feedbag up to a 500ml hangs from the clip or clip hook with the FreeArm fully extended or bent to accommodate the length of the feeding line. (The FreeArm can’t support weight over a full 500mL bag, if you use an ice pack please order the FreeArm Muscle.) 

NOTE: Feeding tube, bolus syringe, pump, feedbag and pump clamp are not included.