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Evolution Botanicals

Evolution Botanicals 10 Mushroom Blend -100g (50 Serves)

Evolution Botanicals 10 Mushroom Blend -100g (50 Serves)

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Stir this powerful Organic 10 Mushroom Formula into hot water as a healthy daily drink. Evolution Botanicals have blended ten highly regarded mighty mushrooms into their bestseller. This 10 Mushroom Formula includes Turkey Tail, Cordyceps militaris, Maitake, Tremella, Chaga, Lions Mane, Shiitake, Cloud Ear, Zhu Ling and Oyster Organic Mushroom Extract Powder. 


The quality of these raw materials is critical, and to ensure they consistently use the very best mushrooms that have been ethically and sustainably sourced. EB have full traceability to the pristine organic farms where the mushrooms are grown and harvested, fully appreciating their smell, taste, colour and texture.

EB use 100% fruiting bodies which have the highest level and variety of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and phenolic compounds. To maximise the polysaccharides (β-glucans), they mostly use the traditional hardwood growing method and a dual hot water extraction process (no alcohol used).

Importantly, EB use no fillers or excipients. These blends are manufactured using a patented membrane filtration process to preserve maximum level of active components from the mushrooms; it also allows the liquid concentrate to be spray-dried without using a carrier. Other mushroom extract powders in the market typically contain a high percentage of carrier (maltodextrin, starch).

The certified Organic mushroom extract powder EB produce adheres to the highest levels of raw material quality. They take a step-by-step method to third party laboratory testing which remains consistent for each batch they produce. This helps EB guarantee the purity & authenticity of our 10 Mushroom Formula and most importantly ensure it contains the key active components.

EB ensure quality with our consistent approach to farming and production. EB take a systematic step by step process to manufacturing, documentation, and laboratory practice.

EB take a full spectrum approach to crafting these mushroom extract powders. They carefully blend extract and whole mushroom powder to provide the balanced complexity of all the available active chemical compounds including the beneficial β-glucans. Lots of research is now focused on beta-glucans (β-glucans) as a critical active component.

Each serve is the equivalent to dry 4.3g

Serving size 1 teaspoon (2g)

50 Servings per Jar (100g)

EB offer our premium 10 Mushroom Formula in 300ml Miron violet glass jars. These wide neck jars are specially designed to be 100% airtight with a patented cushion seal for lasting freshness. The Biphotonic glass filters sunlight only allowing infra-red and UVA light through. This preserves the effectiveness of light sensitive powders. We encourage customers to reuse the jars. EB also offer a resealable airtight pouch to refill the jars.

Sold by weight not volume, settling may occur.


Functional mushrooms included in the formula may help:

  • Immunity
  • Protect & Defend
  • Heal
  • Energy
  • Recover
  • Sustain
  • Nurture

Where do your mushrooms come from for the Organic 10 Mushroom Formula?

Choosing high-quality raw materials and knowing where their ingredients come from is important to Evolution Botanicals (EB). For thousands of years, China has been farming mushrooms as a food source and for traditional Chinese medicine. They have multiple research laboratories dedicated to medicinal mushrooms and their benefits. They now produce some of the finest mushrooms available in the world. Nevertheless, it is essential to choose reputable mushroom growers who can guarantee quality. These premium fruiting bodies are ethically and sustainably grown on fully traceable pristine certified organic farms in several rural provinces.

Do you use 100% fruiting bodies?

EB's use 100% fruiting bodies which have the highest level and variety of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and phenolic compounds.

How are the organic mushrooms grown?

To maximise the polysaccharides (β-glucans) most of the mushrooms use the traditional hardwood growing method.

Does your Organic 10 Mushroom Formula contain fillers or carriers?

To create these extracts, EB's course grind the fresh fruit bodies and then employ two highly controlled hot water extraction processes (no alcohol used), extracting to a specified concentration ratio. Importantly, they then use a patented membrane filtration process which allows the liquid concentrate to be spray-dried without using a carrier. EB proudly use no fillers, carriers, or excipients. To prepare this whole mushroom powder they dry the fresh fruit bodies for up to 22 hours. They remove any impurities by hand and then granulate and mill. The powder is then steam sterilised. It’s worth knowing that other powders may contain a high percentage of maltodextrin (starch) due to the spray drying process they use.

Check out the Evolution Botanicals website for further information


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