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Complete Tubefeeding: Everything you need to know about tubefeeding and blended diets

Complete Tubefeeding: Everything you need to know about tubefeeding and blended diets

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Complete Tubefeeding is the definitive guide for anyone living with or preparing to receive a feeding tube, and those who care for them. The author, happy owner of a feeding tube himself, combines the best and latest medical research with insights from his and others' real-world tube feeding experiences.
This helpful handbook provides comprehensive and compassionate coverage of all aspects of tube feeding and nutrition via tube, including: The different types of enteral feeding tubes, their placement, use and care, with loads of useful tips and tricks to make living with a feeding tube easy as can be.
Tube nutrition, with sections on commercially available formulas as well as a detailed approach to a blended diet (sometimes known as a blenderized diet) - how to use real food for tube feeding while ensuring complete nutrition and stress-free management of blending.
Commonly faced problems with tubefeeding, discussed at length and with solutions presented, ranging from possible medical complications to psychological and emotional issues and the impact on family life. The introduction of a feeding tube within the family can be a time of fear and isolation, and even for many a sense of helplessness.
Complete Tubefeeding empowers readers with a treasure trove of targeted, practical information, presented in down-to-earth language for the tubie, parent, carer and professional alike. Those just starting out on the tube feeding journey will reap the collected wisdom of hundreds who live and thrive with feeding tubes in addition to best practices gleaned from medical science. Those seeking nutrition information and considering a switch to a blended diet will find simple but thorough explanations and handy instructions for homemade blends.
Health professionals will benefit from in-depth analysis, particularly on increasingly popular blended diets. Also included are over 35 sample blend recipes (with nutritional information provided) to adapt and quickly put to use, all created with good health, ease, and enjoyment in mind. Alongside the invaluable knowledge of hundreds of tubie parents, carers, and tubies themselves, the author presents his own personal experiences and hands-on research.
Eric Aadhaar O'Gorman brings his unique and readable style, the voice of a friendly, no-nonsense expert, to an all-encompassing work on this woefully under-resourced topic.
Complete Tubefeeding sheds light, inspires confidence, and proves that for tube-fed people of all ages, a healthful, easy, and indeed normal life is entirely within reach.
"This is a book that should be in the library of everyone who touches the lives of individuals who use tube feedings to support their physical nutritional needs." - Suzanne Evans Morris and Marsha Dunn-Klein, authors of the Homemade Blended Formula Handbook.
"This book will be a boon for 'newby-tubies, ' seasoned tubies, impending tubies and those who care for them in any capacity. Bon appetit!" - Dr Stephanie Spencer MB BS
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