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Bolink D-Cap Gravity Feeding Set with Enfit Connector

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The Bolink D Cap is the newest product designed to make tube feeding easy for the home tube feeder. It fits exclusively on Tetra DreamCap™ nutrition containers (see images for examples) allowing for a direct connection between the nutrition container and your feeding tube or extension set. No more messy pouring!

  • Environmentally Friendly - Eliminates a nutrition bag or syringe; minimal tubing
  • Clean - Reduce the risk of bacterial contamination by not having to pour nutrition into a separate bag or syringe
  • Simple Fluid Control - Vented cap with adjustable roller clamp to control speed

Tube feeding mealtime with the Bolink D Cap happens in three easy steps:

  1. Screw the Bolink D Cap on to a Tetra DreamCap™ container
  2. Connect the ENFit® end to your feeding tube or extension set
  3. Hold the container upside down to deliver nutrition

Rinse between uses. Replace daily.

The Bolink D Cap is designed with the ENFit® connector. If your feeding tube or extension set has a funnel opening you will need to order an ENFit adapter.

Average flow rates:

Kate Farms 1.2cal
Pediatric Peptide
Average time to
Empty Carton
Bolus Extension Set 2min 40sec
18FR G-tube 4min 22sec
22FR G-tube 2min 46 sec
Peptamen® 1.5cal
with Prebio
Average time to
Empty Carton
Bolus Extension Set 4min 21sec
18FR G-tube 9min 47sec
22FR G-tube 5min 39sec

Not made in China for those that have a preference.

Imported directly from the USA. 

We are a registered NDIS provider so give this product a trial and decide for yourself.

Free Arm also available as well as other feeding syringes, glass bottles are coming, organic enteral meals and extension tubes and sets.