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Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaner

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Model: M9 Pro

Network Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Image Transmission Rate: 30fps

Working Environment Temperature: -10~50 Centigrade

Battery: 350mAh

Battery Life Approx: 90 Minute

Charge Length: 1.5h

Input Current: DC 5V 300mA

Inside Diameter Of Lens: 3.5mm

Optimum Focal Length:1.5 - 2cm

Pixel: 300 Million

Gravity Sensor: 4 Axis

Package Contents: 1 x Bebird M9 Pro Visual Ear Stick


Global First PC and Silica Gel Synthetic Ear Scoops: Medical Bio-grade Soft Material to protect the Ear Canal

Protective Plug: Adjustable Depth of Different Ear Canals

Magnetically Charged Base: For faster more convenient charging.

3.5 mm Diameter Ultra-thin endoscope: thinner than 3.9mm diameter, safety for family.

Long Battery Life: 350mAh lithium battery, one hour of charging provides enough battery power to last 60 days of regular daily use.

1080p HD Camera Technology with 0.5in Automatic Focusing Distance, enjoy microscopic views of your ears.