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Bolink bFed System Enteral Feed Syringe Kit (extra bolee bags available seperately)

Bolink bFed System Enteral Feed Syringe Kit (extra bolee bags available seperately)

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The bFed® System line of products are a tube feeding delivery system specifically designed to make life for the home tube feeder easier.

The bFed® EZ Fill 60mL Syringe Kit includes:

  • 3 – Bolee Bags
  • 10 – 60mL NeoConnect ENFit Syringes
  • 3 – NeoConnect Transfer Lids

The Bolee® Bag is a reusable (up to 15 uses per bag over multiple days) 375mL flexible container used to store and deliver tube feeding nutrition and water.

Not made in China and imported directly from the USA. 

We are a registered NDIS provider so give this product a trial and decide for yourself.

Free Arm also available as well as other feeding syringes, glass bottles are here, organic enteral meals and extension tubes and sets.

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