Akileine Kids 3-12 Yrs Anti-Perspirant Cream 50ml

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Akileine Kids Anti-Perspirant Cream Akileine fights excess perspiration by regulating the foot's sweat flow without cutting it completely, and at the same time, maintains your own physiological balance from the first application.

This cream also protects the skin from irritations and stabilizes the skins acid and alkaline levels. It is recommended for very sweaty or perspiring feet from 3 years.

If you find these creams ineffective our podiatry practitioners are available for in-store and telehealth consultation to assess your suitability to access our stronger prescription only option. It's easy, painless and our clients love the results which can last up to 6 months. 

Book online or call us via www.healandsoulhealth.com.au 

Or 03 5298 2746.