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Zeolites are not the only product for clearing toxins. Alternative product information (most Australian Made)

Alternatives to Zeolites for the purpose of detoxing

Cellgevity is a supplement that helps boost glutathione in the body. Glutathione is the bodies strongest antioxidant and essential for detoxifying and repairing our cells.

This is why people say it keeping us looking and feeling in younger shape. Its great for getting rid of the daily toxic load we are exposed to today and is backed up by regular testing and studies. 

This formulation is designed by Max International. The other products either purely Glutathione or containing glutathione are less superior as pure Glutathione has great difficulty crossing the blood brain barrier to reach the central nervous system. This is where is influences the hormone Dopamine. For more information you can check out the link here or contact me for questions. c

Broc On Broccoli, Kale and Daikon Sprouts is a high quality supplement containing Sulforaphane. I discovered Broc On while visiting the Naturally Good Expo in Sydney this year. This Australian company has developed, tested and received certification to provide confidence and certainty that the product you are buying is of high standard.

The ingredients in Broc on are packed correctly unlike the other Broccoli Sprout products I have seen and used before. The Broccoli Sprouts, Kale and Daikon are susceptible to degradation when exposed to the air so each shot is quality sealed and retains the highest possible, consistent nutrient levels. Check it out here

Next I'd like to inform you about this is a wonderful product (not available at Anjelstore) called Toxaprevent. This product is available through Health professional and possibly direct online. It is a complete detoxification supplement I first learned of during my years seeking better outcomes and quality of life for my children. I was advised it was a better product to remove heavy metals in the body. If you want access and cant access this product, contact myself and I should be able to order for you and send direct. At this stage, I am unable to access Toxaprevent at a reasonable price to onsell competitively. Another option is to consult with a Naturopath, Integrative GP or Nutritionist specialising in gut health and detoxification programs. More information here.

Lastly, I have uploaded a natural C vaccine / detoxification after-care information sheet for your information here. I do have a small quantity of the mentioned products not listed yet and I can also provide direct access details for anyone interested in following particular recommendations. 

I hope that helps and everybody can get at least one of these products to assist and support your current needs. I will continue ordering and restocking Zeolites as seamlessly as possible but I am still unable to keep any in stock due to its popularity.

Good Luck!

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