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What's so good about thongs (flip flops) with arch support?

There are 3 main styles of flip flop on Anjelstore. 

I have nearly 20 years experience in Foot health (Podiatry) and that means I have seen and assessed a LOT of feet.

Personally, I need good, firm support for my back and overall posture. Due to the hyper mobility of my joints it means I am prone to having joint problems.

People who are generally stiff or inflexible are prone to muscle sprains and strains.

I love the Vionic's and when I am not doing a lot fo walking, I live in them, I even birthed my 3rd son in them :-)

When I saw the Dr Comfort style, it looked good. Better than the vionic as far as support goes, But my foot was too narrow for the wider band and last of these supportive medical grade styler thong.

So, if you need lots of support and structure but have wider or more swollen feet then try these.

If you need firm support but have more average size feet, Vionic.

If you need a softer less durable style, go the Archies.

And if is always best to go in person to a store and try them on for yourself.

Its the easiest way to decide what style and brand suits your feet best.

If you cannot get to a store we do send out sizes and you can return or exchange as needed. 

As far as price goes, you get what you pay for, however, in my opinion, these Dr comfort thongs are well underpriced.

Archies are the cheapest and rightly so.

Vionic can get pricey but last the distance and stock has been tricky to get.

The higher priced Vionics were sourced from overseeas which inflated costs but I felt it was worth the cost to 'get back into the holiday spirit' after a few years of lock down.

And the first thing people think of when holidaying is 'of course a good pair of flip flops!

Here's what the Dr Comfort people say about these thongs: (oh and whoever thought up calling one of them a 'Camel' thong has never heard the similar but less appropriate meaning that immediately comes to mind....)

'The Dr. Comfort Collin orthotic thong is extremely lightweight created for total body health. Their Ortho thong collection helps correct posture, alleviate foot pain, back pain, shin splints and aching legs. Try Dr. Comfort's NEW Ortho thong today. It's good for your health. Built in biomechanics for the barefoot enthusiast! The Collin men's sandals features a dual density midsole, integrated post & shank and comfort cushioned footbed, with true arch support. Once you try the Collin Ortho Sandals, you'll never want to wear ordinary, flat flip-flops again! The Collin Ortho Sandals are available in three colors - Black, Camel, and Chocolate.'


Check them out here

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