Anjelstore. A bit about our story what is coming soon. - Anjelstore

Anjelstore. A bit about our story what is coming soon.

The Foundation for CDKL5 Research was founded to offer a local resource providing knowledge and support to anyone new to rare disorders. Perhaps looking for connection with someone who understands their world and the issues involved.
We are currently busy working on a range of disability and medical products purposely adapted to suit the younger kids and adults using them.
Special needs kids and younger adults have historically had their needs ignored and sent a clear message that they should just find something 'near enough' to their needs which of course means using a babies or an old persons product. 
I hope that we are well a truly beyond that ignorance however, sadly it pops up
We came up with a brand we feel captures this group of children and adults needing continence support. A brand I hope you'll appreciate and love to use. We hope you will try our designs and give feedback for continued improvements.
The following is a sneak preview of soon to be available disability aides. We have all products listed in store on Shannon Ave Geelong West and also online here and eventually available on a separate related store specifically for NDIS products.
  • Healthier borosilicate glass feed bottles and containers for tube fed or bottle fed people. Much better material for repeated use in fridges, freezers and thawing, warming and heating appliances. Plastic bottles are not ideal for these purposes. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to research.
  • The AFCR logo as well as scale lines for measuring volume are included in the design
  • Stainless steel drinking bottles including charity logo coming soon
  • AFCR fundraising sensory / compression apparel to calm and relax the wearer. Also suitable for active-wear, gym workouts and yoga. Balaclava hoodies is part of this range.
  • Our own organic commercial real food tube feeding range to bring a more affordable and higher quality option to offer our loved ones.

These efforts will contribute towards the cure for CDKL5 deficiency disorder promised by 2025. 

Until then we stay focused and dedicated to this outcome and encourage anyone interested to get involved and add their contribution

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