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Update and progress report on the importation of tube feeding nutrition.

Hello everyone

This is an update on the food sitution as well as a small win against customs.

This is regarding our fight on behalf of all tube fed children and adults waiting on food to arrive from USA.

The issues around importing enteral nutrition should never have happened but have done so without a break since late last year.

I, and my team, are really at the point of losing it and taking this on at a higher level. It has been a disgrace and we know so many are relying on our efforts to get their nutritional requirements met.

I am only thankful every single family who uses the nourish, liquid Hope, and Real food blends in their diet is not having to deal with these clowns. The ones purchasing via Anjelstore benefit in that they do not have to deal with this. We do it for you and remove any spoiled or damanged products that arrive before sending on for delivery.

We have put up with never ending requests that change constantly, standards that change, requirements such as licences, declarations, ingredients (that never change), misunderstandings i.e. peptide and prohormones are not the same.. Shelf stable definitions etc.

Packages have arrived out of date, damanged, moldy, tampered with, mishandled, soem we are told, 'are not lost' just inable to be foudn to scan??? right..

Some have been sent back at our cost only to be sent again (more costs) via another freighter who we battle with for what ever issue they want to make.

No one follows the free trade agreement or GST exempltions, all legislation and regulations set by the governement and on their own website.

We have been shocked and dumbfounded that our fellow australians are choosing to ignore their own codes and rules which they know will affect a person living with disabuility, a child often, and a complex child often non verbal who has no ability to speak up for themself.

The families caring for these children and adults have so much going on already that this fight is an absolute crime and breach of human rights. 

After another back and forth with a shipping company I sent this strong email and warning and received a timely response. 

"Dear xxxxxxx,

Please have customs amend the GST due to the exemption on these goods.

We have spoken about this several times and I am not sure why essential medical enteral food is being made difficult to obtain.

I am continually dismayed that this country, or customs, are not following the GST exemption rules and continually ignore the free trade agreement terms for medical goods between USA and Australia.

I don’t want to think they are discriminating against people who are unable to speak for themselves and are at the mercy of unethical people deliberately charging fees they should know are not valid.

Please do what we understand your job to be and sort this matter out so that the disabled people relying on this delivery to survive can receive this food and be fed by support people, or nurses, via tube access (enteral nutrition).

If there is something we need to do differently, or include for these shipments to pass through customs then I would expect you to pass that information onto us.  We can then act on the disabled child or adults behalf and continue to feed them, uninterrupted or at least the standard rate of intake they need.

Rationing their food due to these delays is an inhumane breach of human rights and although I do not want to go to the Australian government and ask for their help, I will do what I must to ensure children and adults with medical complex and life limiting conditions are not harmed by people who should know better.

  • GST Exemption code B40: enteral nutrition and associated delivery equipment
  • Failing this there are also exemptions regarding essential NDIS related products and FOOD-  food for human consumption not otherwise excluded in the GST act.

I hope the next email I receive has the GST removed so that I can get this paid and get it to these people waiting at this time".

I received this response shortly after:

"Hi Simone,

Charges has been amended to $100.05aud, refer below.






TOTAL = AUD$100.05

UPS Border Clearance Relodgement Fee waived".

So, this is one company and one shipment. We have another 3 in transit but I am done playing their game. We phoned the Minister for Disability today and spoke in depth with his office detailing the ongoing barriers affecting vulnerable Australians. They were very interested to find out these issues have persisted for nearly 1 year.

They understood the impact to all involved and I think we will see action now.

This is no longer between myself, my small organisation and some random bully in customs hiding behind insensitive emails and a computer screen. 

I wonder if the people involved will be happy to stand up and defend their efforts to deny certain Australians right to access the correct diet providing them with nutrition essential for the managing their condition so they can enjoy the best health and wellbeing achievable.

These children did not choose their disability and they certainly did not cause them.

This blatant breach of human rights needs to stop once and for all.

We have a constitution to follow with a belief that we are and equal and inclusive evolved nation. 

So no one can stay quiet and tolerate one more minute of the bullying, greed-based ransom of essential medical supplies. 

Those hiding behind computers can stand up and face the people they are deciding should starve. Or back the hell off and leave us alone.

I know this is not the end of the fight, but I am ready to see it through.

If you have a story or questions I would love to hear them.

You can SMS or phone me on 0404 633 6812 or email info@fairgoaccess.com 

The more of us involved or willing to speak out the better.

Thanks for all of your support this year. I have loved learning about the logistics and legalities of international trade. It has revealed many remaining areas of descrimination needing big changes to align with current standards of hmanity.

This eye opening journey is far from over but i am determined to fascilitate positive change in any way possible, not only for my son's benefit, but also for present and future benefit of every child and adult with the same needs. 


Simone M Leembruggen



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