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Look what's back...... for a few hours before its sold again..

Pure Body Zeolite is never in stock for more than a few hours.

When I started selling Pure body Zeolites Covid hadnt taken off. I had listened to a podcast by Touchstone and a person describing their experience of Colloidal Zeolites and the process of detoxing. She also talked about her symptoms prior to zeolite use and the return to symptoms if she stopped taking zeolites for an extended period of time. I decided to check out the website and purchased a few bottles for myself and the kids. And, like many other products, i buy a few extra and offer them for sale. My safety net is knowing we will end up using products if they dont sell.

And then a doctor rang me and wanted to refer some patients, asked if i could get in the drops. i still had no idea what was to come and was mostly thankful any one called to let me know their thoughts. I set up a regular set and forget subscription where orders arrived in about 1 week. That worked until the next order took over 1 month to arrive at the same time as orders started escalating. The order list that i proudly processed over 1 day and  never had outstanding orders, went up to 30 plus outstanding orders and I lost count of shipments, couriers and restocking emails, orders and backorders.

The last few months have been hectic and I have dealt as best as possible, with not being super efficient and maintaining my standard of customer service because i had no choice. I am grateful to all that were affected by the global shortages of stock and communicated with kindness and much more understanding than I would have expected. The highlight of all of this was the phone calls. It was so great to hear from different people, different parts of Australia, and it made the names on orders, real people. I felt really lucky to get to know individual experiences of our times, of their lives and about the things that they value and place importance on.

I took a big chance in starting this store and had a hunch people would value these things as much as I do. And after being a health professional for 20 years as well as managing my entire sons condition and constantly learning more through courses and seminars, I knew i had a unique background to help people too. And this has been successful. I have chatted to some wonderful people about their issues and been able to advise and assist, for the first time, over the phone and I felt of value again after being the target of bullying and intimidation tactics by officials one being the infamous AHPRA. I still have an untarnished professional reputation and I am proud that i can continue to assist people despite their best efforts.

Zeolites have become so popular I can say i have been totally caught off guard. Each order I make is bigger and I try to purchase under the threshold of incurring tax to keep the resale price as low as possible. I also offer a link to order direct to your house on subscription and you can cancel your subscription if you dont want to keep ordering Zeolites.

Most people order the spray which is nano zeolites, smaller and meant to be higher strength or easier absorbed.

The drops are not nano, so an option for children or anyone sensitive to supplements or newly introduced items. Otherwise they are the same product, different administration and formulation.

For anyone interested in detoxing or antivirial / antimicrobial / immune support, there are other great products available which are easier to acquire and less expensive and many are stocked here too such as:

  • Silver colloid products. 100% Australian.
  • Quercetin based products.
  • Cellgevity / Max One
  • Megavirion and Megacidin etc. - Microbiome Labs
  • Broc-on - Sulforafane shots 100% Australian.
  • Coming soon - Quercetin allergy support.

Below is information on my favourite products currently as well as the most popular products for your information.


Thanks for reading and contact me for suggestions, feedback or information.


Simone Leembruggen

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