Well we are in unprecedented and exciting times of change. And monkeys must have flown out of my butt cause ASPEN have released their consensus on Blended tube feeding.
Yes, a great example of bad science! Spreading nonsense and fear for too long and harming our most vulnerable members of society.
REAL FOOD IS NOT DANGEROUS! Formula should be used as the next option in the event that someone CANNOT tolerate real natural food. Chemicals are NOT better than real carbon based naturally grown nutrition. And if its SO damn good, why are the ones profiting from its use ingesting it? If its the best way to meet someones nutritional needs WHY arent their children taking it? and who decided to take away a humans basic right to real food and force this artificial, fake, human designed substitute for a system that isnt broken.
Now that these companies are losing money to the growing movement of us weirdos (blended food fanatics) they have given up credibility and made their own shitty version of real food tube products.
Then, in 2020, the bought out Real Food Blends to get a slice of the organic pie.
And today, a new consensus on their requirements for allowing and supporting people to choose REAL FOOD!
Wow, gobsmacked that it took till 2021 to get some acknowledgment that real food is a viable source of nutrition. They must have gotten some positive data from the study apparently being untaken at Westmead, testing real food for human consumption! (i hope they cleared the study with ethics) 
I can see the cult 80's film Idiocracy coming to fruition. And that means a world that thinks Mountain Dew is for watering the planet and electrolytes cure everything.
So, here it is people. One large leap for mankind.. One facepalm for womankind ;-)
Check out the document here
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