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Organic Peptipro Collagen Super Greens - 500gm Premium Grade

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Best before Feb 2024.

Peptipro SuperGreens - A source of Protein, Biotin & Iron.

We are excited to offer this new product from Gelatin Australia.  Collagen and super greens!

Combine the almighty Peptipro Collagen with my daily dose of greens

Use Organic Australian produced greens

Avoid algae based greens because they are harsh on the stomach

Use young leaves and cold pressed, not juiced to retain full nutrient spectrum

Not “sugar coated” with flavours - green is green, keep it earthy

Use greens that are known to be alkalising, nutrient dense and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Nature’s multi-vitamin.

  • Organic Wheat Grass
  • Organic Barley Grass
  • Organic Alfalfa
  • Organic Speltgrass
  • Organic Oatgrass

A source of Iron, which

  • Is necessary for normal oxygen transport
  • Contributes to normal energy production

A source of Biotin, which

  • Contributes to maintenance of normal hair
  • Contributes to maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes
Serving Suggestions

Stir 15grams into 250 mL of water, or your favourite juice or smoothie