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Kate Farms Paediatric Peptide 1.5 Cal/ml. 325ml per single serve

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Kate Farms Pediatric Peptide 1.5, Sole-Source Nutrition Formula, Organic Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Plant-Based Protein Drink, Meal Replacement for Oral & Tube Feeding 250ml., Vanilla.

  • MEDICAL NUTRITION: This peptide formula gives vital nutrients to kids who have impaired digestion. For children ages 1-13 years.
  • SOLE-SOURCE NUTRITION: This organic formula is suitable for tube feeding or drinking as a meal replacement or nutritional supplement.
  • INGREDIENTS: These organic, plant-based formulas are made without non-nutritive sweeteners or common allergens.
  • CALORIE INFO: We have different formulas to meet your child's caloric and nutritional needs.

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