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Kate Farms

Kate Farms Adult Standard 1.4 Formula. Complete Vegan Nutrition Supplement. Per single serve

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Kate Farms Adult Standard 1.4 Cal/ml Formula. Complete Vegan Nutrition Supplement.

We have a small amount of the full range Kate Farms pediatric and adult vegan enteral or oral nutrition shake.

If you are curious about Kate Farms or want to try something chocolate, vanilla or plain flavoured, give it a try. 

This is a medical grade enteral and special needs product covered by eligible NDIS plans. 

We can accept all plan types: Plan Managed, Self Managed and Agency (or NDIS) managed plans.

 MEDICAL NUTRITION: These 11 fluid ounce shakes give vital nutrients to those who need additional calories.

SOLE SOURCE NUTRITION: This organic formula is suitable for medically necessary tube feeding or oral consumption. Can be used as a meal replacement or supplement drink.

INGREDIENTS: These organic, plant-based formulas are made without dairy, soy, corn, gluten, nuts, artificial colors or sweeteners.

GREAT TASTE: Choose from vanilla, chocolate, and plain flavors.