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Anjel Imports

If You Have a Special Brother- Sibling support living with rare disease.

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Written by Carson Troy for his special little brother Tanner. Carson recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and we wanted to help spread this book to the other side of the world!

The book is 15 pages of beautiful hand drawn illustrations and Carson has autographed every single copy!

My son, Raffael, as most of you know, was also born with this terrible condition called CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder and every day is a celebration of his resilience and strength.

We have 40 copies left after buying 70 from Carson who donated all the funds to research for CDKL5.

They sometimes miss out on a lot and have to take a back seat when their brother or sister needs extra care, numerous specialist and therapy appointments and more times than we want to remember, emergency trips to hospital.

Well done Carson and to the Froy family. You always do so much to raise funds and awareness so that one day, a cure may be found!